'Favorite Things'

These pieces are examples of fanart personalized to reflect the interests of the receiver. In each piece Shadow draws an anime style portrait of the receiver and using images--from up to five of the receiver's favorite anime, manga, TV shows, movies, or games--personalizes it. The information on how to commission a 'Favorite Things' piece is at the bottom of the page.

'White Mage Kim'

Shadow had a photo of Kim to work from. Kim's favorite game is Final Fantasy XI, and her favorite anime are Sailor Moon, CardCaptor Sakura, and Pokemon. Her FF11 character is a White Mage, her favorite Sailor Scout is Saturn and her favorite pokemon is Espeon.

'Fire Witch Leah'

Leah gave Shadow a description to use instead of a photo. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series and her favorite anime are Pokemon and Sailor Moon. She identifies most with the Slytherin house, her favorite Sailor Scout is Sailor Mars and her favorite pokemon are Abra and Espeon.

'Red Mage Chris'

Chris gave Shadow a photo to work from. Chris's favorite games are Final Fantasy XI, Dance Dance Revolution, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda. His FF11 character is a Red Mage and his favorite pokemon are Umbreon and Seviper.

To commission a 'Favorite Things' piece, email Shadow at shadow@skyfirefox.net. Prices vary depending on the size and the complexity of the piece..

The information she needs includes:

If the book, anime, TV show, manga, movie or game is not well known, or images of the characters or symbols are not easy to find, you should also send images or descriptions for Shadow to work from.

Keep in mind that Shadow does not draw anything that would be rated higher than PG-13 or anything that is defamatory or discriminatory.

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