Written Word


Here you will find the writings of Alyce.

External link opens in new tab or windowFatal Code: The Gilgamesh Killings

When France Broussard, a stressed-out Fintech product manager, arrives at her office she expects normal. Instead she finds the body of her murdered colleague. But within hours of beginning his investigation, the detective on the case, Duke LeJeune, discovers that another of France’s coworkers is dead. As Duke probes, he uncovers stealthy thefts of proprietary software and exposes secrets that the senior executives have tried, probably illegally, to hide. And suddenly France is his prime suspect. But when France disappears Duke needs to rethink the entire case. Then the danger explodes and Duke soon learns that the ruthless killer will stop at nothing—even mass murder-- to prevent him and his team from discovering the full scope of his crimes.

External link opens in new tab or windowFatal Finance: The All-Friends Murders

Still suffering nightmares from greed-driven carnage at her old firm, France Broussard is enjoying the quiet calm of working for ex-cop turned private eye, Sydney Cairns. Then the new client walks in, claims he is being stalked, claims the stalking started when he uncovered evidence of his employer’s financial crimes. But are his claims true or the fabrications of a mentally disturbed man? Within days, two thugs attack Sydney and France and the client’s attorney turns up dead. When Lt. Duke LeJeune of the SFPD, France’s lover, starts to investigate, his worry about her safety drives a wedge between them. As more bodies turn up in surprising places and France is drawn deeper into the client’s case, Duke starts to wonder if the criminal behind the old crimes has started up a new criminal enterprise. Who is the criminal hiding in plain sight? Who will be the next to die?